With over 8 years experience, Paris based Photographer Audrey Krawczyk’s reputation of professionalism and bold, graphic work has led to numerous high profile collaborations. As Karim Sadli’s first assistant for 3 years, she has a strong global viewpoint and distinct style seen though work with brands and magazines such as Tiffany’s & co., Interview Magazine, The Impression and Harper's Bazaar Magazine. With an inherent intuition of her craft, watching her work resembles a dance between subject and observer, one that yields a strong, imaginative beauty.


Many publications for The Impression Magazine NYC, ELLE France Magazine, HUNGER Magazine, SCHON Magazine, 160G Magazine etc....

Shooting also for commercial brands as TIFFANY'S & CO, CHANTELLE, ZAPA, AMERICAN VINTAGE, TOMMY HILFIGER, PUMA etc....



Instagram: @audreykwk

Tel: +33(0)6 86 68 51 98

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