Paris based young photographer, Audrey Krawczyk studied in the south of France before reaching the fashion capital to pursuit her art.

Having experiences photography as a photo assistant for 5 years, helped her develop her artistic sensibility and her strong love for the minimalism and the sleek.

As an assistant, she worked for magazines such as VMAN, MAN ABOUT TOWN, VOGUE France, FASHION FOR MEN, DANSK, HERCULES.

Bubbly city girl, slighty workaholic, Audrey looks forward to beautiful artistic collaboration coming her way.


Many publications for The Impression Magazine NYC, ELLE France Magazine, HUNGER Magazine, SCHON Magazine, 160G Magazine etc....

Shooting also for commercial brands as TIFFANY'S & CO, CHANTELLE, ZAPA, AMERICAN VINTAGE, TOMMY HILFIGER, PUMA etc....



Instagram: @audreykwk

Tel: +33(0)6 86 68 51 98

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